Whole Lamb Sadaqa/Aqeeqa/Donation

Zabeeha Meats

Looking to donate meat? Service Available for Sadaqa, Aqeeqa, Charity!

-Whole Goat available in two average weight (based on live animal/meat weight will vary) 

-All orders will be cut into cubes and packed into equal portions and delivered according to request. (may donate a certain portion or whole)

-The liver and kidney can be provided upon request.

-Delivery for donations is not charged separately.

-Depending upon availability but most of the meat is delivered to MHS (Muslim Housing Services) or Somali Health Board for distribution to the deserving families.

-Please be sure to provide the name of the family while booking, upon checkout, please leave name at (note to seller section) OR text the name along with order number to (206) 651 4144

-To avoid gathering we will not entertain anyone who wishes to slaughter themselves (this service is only available for those looking for home delivery)

-Skin, Spleen, Stomach, head or heart will not be included. 

- All our Sacrifice Animals meet the following requirement;

  • Animals are not blind, one-eyed, or have lost a third of their sight.
  • All Animals have not lost 3rd (or more) of their tail or ear, either through loss or since birth
  • Their horns are checked regularly (to ensure they have not broken off their roots) and each animal will be checked again by our staff before performing the sacrifice
  • All animals are walk tested (to ensure they do not have a lame leg) as part of their requirement for Sacrifice.
  • They are well-fed and no lean animal is included in the list
  • Their tooth will be checked along with other requirements at the time of Sacrifice to ensure they meet all the requirements and are eligible to be used as Sacrifice Animal.
For customer service please call us at (206) 651 4144


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