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Chicken: The Healthier, Organic Side

Bilal GillaniOct 27, '20

Any dish made with chicken is a winner. There is a reason why it's loved by everybody, mainly; because of the taste and practicality. Chicken reigns supreme partly because it's a healthy choice, enriched with several vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. It's a good source of protein as long as it's fresh and organic.

Method of Zabiha Halal

Bilal GillaniOct 31, '19

We as an organization have an obligation to you. This is the thing that we will never make a settlement on our strict adherence to Halal requirements. To guarantee the Halal Process, all of our Zabeeha processes are supervised and finished by a group of Muslims....

What does halal mean?

Bilal GillaniOct 31, '19

What Does Halal Mean: In Arabic Halal simply means “Legitimate” or “Allowed” and it refers to food that what Muslims can eat, ingredients allowed in a meal and what are the methods of slaughtering an animal to ensure their lawful consumption....